Poem: Upon You Be Peace


Poem: Upon You Be Peace

Upon You Be Peace

by Harith Morgan

Busy, busy, busy.
He was busy as a bee
Oh so much to do
Oh so much to see
His mind always running
Restless even in his sleep

He was always headed somewhere
Always on his feet
He could meet a crowd of strangers
And his still not skip beat

One day he met a man
A man as different as could be
This man was patient, always listening
And he smiled with all his teeth

This stranger gave you his full attention
Every conversation was a treat
The first man was never quite sure the cause
But meeting the stranger brought him ease

There was this one thing the stranger said
Whispered in a melody
The first asked about this phrase
Something here piqued his curiosity

The stranger shared that he was Muslim
Saying We spread Salam when we greet
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
The first man had never heard,
So he asked what this means
The smiling man took his hand as he explained
It is a prayer that upon you be peace
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