Poem: Grandpa...It's Me


Poem: Grandpa...It's Me

Grandpa...It's Me

by Harith Morgan

If I should reach the Garden,
to praise in community
with generations that have come before
to marvel at a universe once unseen
in audience with generations still on their way
When I see them, will they know

Will great-grandpa recognize me
by the life I live--carved out by the dreams of his child

Will great-grandma see the fruits of her labor
in the vitality of my smile

Will great-great-grandpa uncover
the traces of lineage that tie us, in my features

Will great-great-grandma realize, from my posture,
that she had birthed revolution

When I see them, will they know
that I long to hear their stories
that I've hidden letters to them in my prayers
that I've resurrected epics about them in my poems

When I see them, will they know
that I have been searching for them
with no map, save intuition

When I see them, will they know. . . me

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