A Poem I Like #15


A Poem I Like #15

"poets heal others in more ways than one | if only they could heal themselves this easily" by Sara Bawany

i imagine that
must be the best
of lovers
they can take
a mangled body
and turn it

~ ~ ~

I am struck most by the title of this poem. There is a truth in this title that resonates with me--"if only poets could heal themselves as easily". In my experiences sharing poems, how those in the audience feel is almost entirely uncoupled from how I feel. Words themselves hold emotion and a talent for performance allows one to tap into those emotions, mirror them, and convey them....all while holding separate emotions for themselves. I've experienced this, many times.

Hearing the idea "if only poets could heal themselves as easily" so boldly articulated shakes me. In this idea is the acknowledgement that poetry is only part of the answer. That the angst, despair, self-loathing, fear that fuel some poems, will never truly be reconciled with poetry alone. That this release valve is insufficient. It's a scary thought, for me at least. And it begs the incessant question of: "why write?".

An answer to this question of writing comes in the first half of the title, and in the poem itself. Because " poets heal others in more ways than one". Because poets can love differently. Because poets can turn "a mangled body...into magic". Because there is goodness in a poem that is out of the author's reach, but nevertheless must be tasted.

Because sharing our poems is a service to the world.
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